GPFO 100

Personal Development

We host a range of education and enhancement programmes for family office executives, heads of family and family members to encourage continuous personal development.

The programmes have been carefully created by a range of expert advisors who understand the requirements of family offices, as well as family members themselves. Their insight is based on years of direct involvement and first hand experience, rather than following text book prescriptions.

We offer courses on specific topics that cover finance, financial instruments, economics, taxation, wealth management, compliance and regulations and succession planning. In addition to supplying hard skills, we place considerable emphasis on coaching techniques that augment existing team building, communication and leadership strengths in family offices and the family.

Our programmes are delivered in intimate workshops, as well as off site retreat forums which deliver highly effective and personalised learning solutions for the next generation.

These programmes are customised to the individual needs of a single family, family office or high net worth individual.

To learn more about our series of development courses, please contact Michael J. Oliver