GPFO 100


December 2014

Guests enjoyed breakfast at our offices in Whitehall, before listening to a presentation on fund investments in the UK solar and wind renewables sector. 

November 2014

Wednesday's event at the Caledonian Club in Belgravia was a glowing success. Brigadier James Ellery, CBE gave a stirring account of the New World Order to a New Caliphate with particular reference to ISIS. His talk was both thought provoking and particularly fascinating given the current times and uncertainty. In addition our array of sponsors on the day were from a variety of different industries which made for a unique offering in our last flagship event of the calendar year. 

November 2014

‘View on Monetary Policy for 2015: Perspectives for Germany, Great Britain and the Euro’.

This month, The Global Partnership hosted a stimulating debate on the state of the European economy. Held in the stunning classical surroundings of the Bayerischer Hof Hotel, Munich, guests enjoyed wine and canapés, before continuing into the Montgelassaal for the debate between David Marsh, Managing Director and co-founder of Official Monetary and Financial Institutions Forum (OMFIF) and Joachim Nagel of Deutsche Bundesbank. This event was moderated by Michael Stürmer, Chief Correspondent, WELT-Gruppe. A superb day was had by all – a hugely successful event.  

November 2014

Our last ‘Coffee with’ event of the year was held at The Liberal Club, Whitehall. Guests enjoyed a light breakfast, before listening to engaging presentations from Farrer & co, Carter-Ruck, Minerva, and Smith & Williamson. 

October 2014

Global Partnership is again sponsoring the Grouse & Grape Luncheon in support of Macmillan Cancer Support in the beautful surroundings of Darmouth House in Mayfair. The luncheon has been created as a celebration of the flavours of the autumn months; with fine wine, cheeses and grouse.

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September 2014

This week the Financial Times reported a recent CFA study questioning existing curriculum guidelines and teaching methods for students of Investment Management. In this Michael Oliver argued against the EMH and the need to reduce educator's reliance on standard EMH thought. Instead, EMH should take money into consideration, and advocates that liquidity and human behaviour are better criteria for predicting future equity market returns.


To access the CFA paper please click here.

To access the FT article click here (paywall).


September 2014

Last week Global Partnership hosted another successful investment club at the Caledonian Club (a day before the Scottish Referendum). During breakfast the Oxford historian Peter Frankopan spoke on similarities between the current climate and the history of failed Empires. He took the opportunity to remind us of the rise and fall of Empires (referring to the Byzantine and earlier Mongol Empire) and the shifting focus of power. The audience was urged to shift our attention away from the West and look East, whether to the Asia Pacific or the Middle East where we are now witnessing drastic growth. By drawing the comparison between the present and the wax and wane of great Empires, of which many of us are now oblivious, Peter stressed the likelihood of a continued shift in power from the West back to the East. To emphasize this shift Peter referred to the US geo-political Pivot to Asia-Pacific.


The talk was followed by presentations by recognised investment and private wealth firms. These Companies represented a mixture of gold investment, hedge funds and frontier markets offering an interesting variety of alternative investments for a balanced portfolio. Each speaker presented new and varying insights into the markets and market history. We hope next time the presentations will be just as invigorating!

July 2014

Nouriel Roubini spoke at our Summer Investment Club on Thursday 19th June.  His presentation 'Changing nature of Global Economic, Financial and Geopolitical risks' covered developments in global economic and political risks, differentiating between those risks that are receding and those rising. Nouriel sounded out all major economic and political shifts concluding that financial markets and asset prices are fairly sanguine about the new rising risks. He referred in particular to the anaemic recovery of advanced economies, which he opined may be indicative of secular stagnation.

The event comprised a range of presentations from well recognised investment and private wealth firms providing important context to choosing different investment strategies. Nouriel's keynote was the perfect compliment for assessing upcoming risks and tail risks.